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Welcome Friends to
Mindful Goat Yoga of Cape Cod

What is goat yoga? Our goat yoga program is mindful stretching and relaxation with our yogi goats. This is an outdoor activity that aims to improve your physical and mental health, but also offers you the opportunity to connect with the world around you.


Our certified Mindful TLC instructors will lead guests through relaxing stretches while small breed goats frolic in the field around you.

You will stretch and breathe and be distracted just enough to release all tension and worry as you are encouraged to leave your problems at the gate and turn into the moment, to be in the now.

Our herd may put their hooves on you, sit in your lap, snuggle right in or kiss your chin. They are not too concerned with personal space and are there to lighten the moment and remind you to breathe. This class is suitable for ages 6-106 and a whole range of abilities to chair bound to seasoned yogi extraordinaire! Just bring your beach towel, water, camera and open mind, and let us gift you what we hope will be the experience of the summer.


                                                                                ~ Tonya Cappucci, Founder & Lead Yoga Instructor

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