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Mindful Goat Walks

 Welcome to our new adventure in our animal therapy program, Mindful Goat Walks of Cape Cod. Please note that our goats can be persistent in the directions that they want to go and sometimes terrain can be unpredictable. For this reason, only adults over 18 can participate as "goat handlers". This is in direct relation to our new insurance policies, and we apologize if this is an inconvenience to you. The price is per goat for but with every reservation, you may bring a child with you under the age of 18 years old. For example, a family of 4 with two kids ages 9 &15 only need two reservations, but only the assigned handlers may have the full control over the animal. We are doing our best to make this a family friendly experience. Walks will be around a mile and are best for adults in great physical health. The terrain may have puddles or large roots and rocks. There will be a bit of bobbing and weaving and defiantly other strong willed goats around besides the one you are assigned. We will meet in predetermined location, mostly in Hyannis or one of the Villages, get assigned a goat, do some daily goat care to help build a bond and for the goats to know they can trust you and then we will be on our way. Please email us with any questions or concerns.
Spots are limited, and scheduled for a few Sundays this month. Private walks are available.
We hope you can join us on our new adventure.


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