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Meet The Team

Tonya Cappucci Founder of Goat Yoga Cape Cod

Tonya Cappucci

My name is Tonya and I have been involved, teaching and an advocate of animal assisted therapy yoga since 2017 here on Cape Cod. I am a local born and raised and a mom of two amazing humans, a small backyard of farm pets and my dog Kona. 

I enjoy combining my passion for humans that have special needs and my cheerleader mentality to get the world up and moving by teaching at a variety of special needs schools and day programs. My education is from Kind Yoga school and the , “come as you are and I’ll meet you there” style has been an amazing influence on my own unique style. I am currently in the process of completing my 500 yoga teacher training and have been recently certified as a meditation facilitator. 

On my homestead you can find me most evenings on my hammock with a text book on my lap, a hen at my feet and a goat on my shoulder. I believe that the poses and shapes we move our body in are just one limb of yoga and I enjoy encouraging people to find their own yoga in their everyday life. 



Kathy has been involved with goat yoga since 2020 and really appreciates the animal therapy side of the program. Kathy is on her way to her 200YTT .



My name is Melissa and 2022 is my fourth year of working for Mindful Goat Yoga.  I’ve been practicing yoga for many years, embracing the experience of breathing, mindfulness and poses to strengthen and ground my mind and body.  As a lifelong lover of animals, making the connection of yoga and goats has been an absolutely joyous, amazing journey.  I am so grateful to be able to spend so much time with our team, the goats and our participants, holding and sharing space while witnessing  others experience the joy, laughter and grounding that the classes provide.

When not working for Mindful Goat Yoga, I spend time with my kitty, family, working towards my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and working with children, teens and adults as a Psychotherapist.



Jessica has been involved with the program since 2021 and feels that Mindful Goat Yoga is a family affair. Jessica is currently in training to receive her 200YTT in Hatha style.

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