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  • Is Mindful Goat Yoga for me?
    If you are an animal lover, someone between the ages of 6 to 106 who loves fresh air, community and a good stretch, but doesn't take themselves too seriously, than this class is for you! This is an honest-to-goodness, gentle yoga class instructed by some of New England's leading certified instructors. If you would like to start your day off feeling, revived, refreshed, rejuvenated and well-loved, you've come to the right place. Our instructors, and goats alike, cannot wait to meet you! Check out our schedule HERE.
  • How long is a Mindful Goat Yoga class?
    The entire class is one hour. We offer a solid 45 minutes of yoga (with goats, of course) instructed by a certified yoga instructor, followed by 15 minutes of mingling, goat cuddling and picture taking. It's a great time to make new friends--both 2-legged and 4-legged!
  • Can I just show up?
    We ask that all participants sign up online in advance and digitally sign the waver. This helps the class to get going on time and guarantees your place in the field as our classes generally sell out.
  • When and where are the Goat Yoga classes held?
    Unless otherwise noted, classes are held outdoors every Saturday and Sunday starting at 9:30am (sharp) at the Osterville Historical Museum, from Memorial Day weekend until Halloween weekend. The museum is located at 155 W Bay Rd, Osterville, MA 02655
  • What should I wear to Goat Yoga?
    We suggest you wear something comfortable that you are able to stretch and move around in. Of course, there’s a good chance that a goat will be hopping on your back while your knees are in a grassy pasture, so keep that in mind when puttting together your best yoga ensemble!
  • Are spectators or bystanders allowed at Goat Yoga just to watch or take pictures?
    Unfortunately, no. Remember, this isn’t just about the goats, this is a yoga class, and yoga is not a spectator sport! We want our participants to feel free and unencumbered—something that onlooking and picture taking is not conducive to.
  • Are participants allowed to take their our own pictures?
    Absolutely!! In fact we encourage it. Photos of you intermingling with our goat family can launch smiles for miles! For that reason we love it when you post those pics and tag us on Facebook and Instagram!
  • Do you have restrooms?
    Yes, however access to the restrooms may be limited based on museum hours and availability, so we recommend takin' care of business prior to arrival.
  • Do we bring our own yoga mat?
    We ask that participants bring something to lay out on. Yoga mats are fine, but keep in mind that grass, hooves and the occasional tiny goat dropping (see below) may be in play. A beach blanket, or something you can throw in the laundry is always recommended. Unfortunately, we do not have mats or towels available.
  • Can we just come and pet the goats without actually doing yoga?
    Perhaps you have an injury or are simply not into yoga, but love goats (and who could blame you?). As long as you are signed up for a class and have digitally signed the class waiver, you are welcome to sit quietly and meditate with the goats.
  • What about goat hugs? Can we pick them up and hold them?
    Hugs? Absolutely! Goats LOVE human interaction, but there are rules to handling a goat. You can interact with a goat when they come to you, so we ask that you don't chase them. We want our goats to feel safe and comfortable in your presence. Hugging and snuggling with the goats on the ground is really the optimal spot to chill with these beasts. Our boys are all around three years old (June 2024) and are as heavy and floppy as a bag of potatoes. If you work in a potato factory and hoist 50lb. potato sacks all day, you might enjoy picking our guys up, if not, its best to let them do the climbing if they wish and if not, just bring your body closer to the ground.
  • Are children permitted to participate?
    Children 9 years and older are welcome. All children under 18 need to be registered and must be accompanied by a registered, paid, and participating guardian. We ask that parents and guardians use parental discretion when bringing children. Again, this is a yoga class so even though your child might be into yoga we still ask that participants stay on their mat space and let the goats be the only ones “wondering around”. Also be aware that when it comes to climbing, our goats do not discriminate and your child may be leapt upon.
  • Do you offer private classes and events?
    For smaller groups, a family gathering or a “girls day out” we recommend signing up for a public class and sitting together in your group (we can reserve a spot for you). For larger, private classes and off-site events please inquire to us directly and we can discuss your special day. The starting rate for private classes is $500. Check out our schedule HERE or get in touch with us today HERE if you have another request!
  • Is the class handicapped accessible?
    Yes, class is held in an open field. We often have people come in wheel chairs but you may want to bring a friend to help if you think you'll need it. Please be aware that getting across the grass to the yoga area may be dewy and/or bumpy.
  • Do you offer refunds in case of rain?
    If class is canceled because of weather we will notify all of our participants either through email and/or on our Mindful Goat Yoga of Cape Cod Facebook page, so please do not assume we are canceled until you get the word. If class is canceled due to unforeseen rain, we will issue a rain-check good for any future class, it can also be used for gift certificates, retail, or made as a donation for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cape Cod. We do not issue refunds.
  • What if I have to cancel at the last minute due to personal reasons?
    Our classes fill up quickly and are limited in availability, so unfortunately we do not offer refunds. When signing up for a class we ask that you please make every effort to join us. If you absolutely can’t make it, we encourage you to find someone to take your place (if this is the case please ask them to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out their own waiver). If you are able to let us know in advance we can also forward your ticket to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cape Cod for them to come and enjoy with their matches.
  • Is there Mindful Goat Yoga merchandise for sale?
    Yes, we have a revolving inventory of hats, stickers, tank-tops, t-shirts and hoodies. On occasion, goat milk soap and farm fresh eggs are available for sale after class, or before class if you contact us to pre-order. We love it when our participants, “rock the merch” and spread the good word! Cash is preferred, but Venmo is also accepted.
  • What is the average age of the goats?
    Although our goats are small and all look very young, they vary in age. Our goats are our beloved pets and as long as they want to entertain you, who are we to stop them?! Unlike other farm programs, our goats don't age out of our program. The goats you see in class will be the same ones you will see for years to come. We do not work with baby goats in this program, although even if they are all over three years old they are still our babiiiieeeeesssss<3
  • OK, I have to ask...What's the scoop on goat poop?
    Even if this isn’t a frequently asked question, we know it’s frequently wondered about! Goat poop comes in a tiny flickable pellet size with no smell, so their poop is about as innocuous as, well, a poop can get. Goat poop is also full of nutrients and is great for your garden, so the grounds of the museum love our natural fertilizer. If you happen to get a piece or two on your area, you can just shake it off or raise your hand so a team member can come and help you with a paper towel or cleaning product. No worries. And just like all healthy beings, what goes in, must come out!

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